Ram Darbar was a spiritual master who was believed to be and revered as a saint across the nation. A few of his followers also refer to him as Ram as this was dependent on their own convictions. There are numerous stories and legends regarding Ram Darbar but the most singular aspect of his personality was his identity or religion. Hindus worshippers began to gather, but later on, Hindus began to worship him with devotion and he was a huge hit all over the world and this was even among people of all backgrounds and religions. It's very rare in a nation such as India where people are worshipping God without any concern for his beliefs.

A Saint of all religions.

Since when Ram Darbar is known till the present, there isn't any proof of his religion, and people continue to respect him, without being concerned about his religion. The Ram Darbar Marble Murti is worshipped by people of different faiths today.

Morals of Living

He wasn't interested in the materialism of the Earth and always pushed his followers to realize their own potential, according to him it is the only way to a life that is stress-free for everyone. He was the only one who truly spread love and encouraged his devotees to adhere to the path of compassion and giving back to others, forgiveness and dedication, as well as devotion to god and the Guru. Through this process of teaching the world the virtues of life Ram Darbar Marble Statue had never separated from any religion, and his entire doctrines were a blend of Hinuds that made them acceptable to everyone.

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